“What do we do when it rains? asks Ralph Doumit’s migrating bird

“What do we do when it rains? asks Ralph Doumit’s migrating bird

Christian Dorsan, author, blogger etc associate reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you What do we do when it rains? by Ralph Doumit, published on August 24, 2022 by Éditions Helium and selected among Nuggets for the best junior novel (ages 7-11) at Book and print fair for young peoplefrom November 30 to December 5 in Montreuil.

His favorite quote:

They left without me, he muttered as if talking to himself. What will I become? Me… I can’t do it alone, I’d get lost from the first minute… It’s not for nothing that a stork is the leader of a flight… Moving alone is… it’s simply impossible!

Why this book?

  • Because this book proves that imagination is important: helps to better understand the world around us. Otto, a migratory bird, feels different, especially because he doesn’t do anything like the others: a strange character sold him an alarm clock that didn’t ring the morning before the flight. And there he finds himself as a stranger in a city he knows, but whose code is missing during the winter season.
  • Because the search for treasure that the bird undertakes she will make him meet a whole world he didn’t expect: responsible gardeners, a passionate librarian, a spoiled cat through whom he will discover that evil has roots and that listening can alleviate it. An entire imaginary world that is a reflection of our world.
  • Because illustrations by Julia Wauters the book is decorated with very successful retro illustrations. A beautiful book to give as a gift.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. Otto is a musical migratory bird that missed its winter flight. Distraught, he doesn’t know what to do in the city in winter. A mysterious figure in a yellow raincoat will lead him in search of treasure, thanks to which he will have unusual encounters.

Characters. Otto the migratory bird, Mr. Lionel the luthier, Léonie the gardener weasel and his friends, Basile the musician cat and his friends, Octave the librarian dog and a mysterious figure in a yellow raincoat.

Places. An imaginary city inhabited by animals.

Time. Timeless.

Author. Ralph Doumit is a Lebanese writer and illustrator, teaches at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts and has published several children’s novels. The illustrations were made by Julia Wauters, an artist from Nantes.

This book was read with childish pleasure: how to accept the change of life, how to approach diversity, novelty, all these topics are approached with joyful imagination. From 9 years old.

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