What does Prix Femina, The Dog at My Table by Claudia Hunzinger say?

What does Prix Femina, The Dog at My Table by Claudia Hunzinger say?

Awarded the Femina award, The dog at my desk allows Claudia Hunzinger to expand her audience.

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They live like hermits. Far from the city. Far from the first supermarket. They live in the Vosges, in a building in the countryside, located in a place called Bois-Bannis. The shelves are stocked with supplies that should last a year. A house where everyone has their own room and habits. Grieg’s is full of books. At night he reads and eats quickly to return to his den. Sophie writes novels and hangs out in the kitchen at night.

There she is unexpectedly visited by a small dog who is visibly being mistreated by God knows who. After feeding her, Sophie sees the dog going back to God knows where. So it was only a short meeting… But – returning from a promotional trip to Lyon, Sophie (the double of the author) is greeted by Grieg and the dog who has returned to hang out with the one who cuddled so well the other time.

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A little slow, a little long

Around the appearance of that animal – which the narrator christens Da – Claudia Hunzinger develops a long description of the world seen apart from the world. She puts together a series of images that, in the turmoil of current events, oppose the search for peace, the first condition of which is nature. The arrival of Yes also evokes memories that are as much beacons in the couple’s history (Sophie and Grieg have known each other since childhood) as excuses to open the doors of the imagination.

Carried by detailed writing, the book – a little slow, a little long, unencumbered by plot or twist, but spreads like water gently flowing in a river. Adored by fans long devoted to her universe (close to nature, close to the earth and centered on her lonely journey through the world of letters), Claudie Hunizinger won December’s award for Big deer 2019. She is also a fine artist. The heroine fromThe dog at my desk – Sophie Hunzinga, apparently her double…

Dog at my table, Grasset, 278 p.

What does Prix Femina, The Dog at My Table by Claudia Hunzinger say?

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