what happens to Jeff and Darling’s restaurant in Plaintel after Philippe Etchebest’s visit?

what happens to Jeff and Darling’s restaurant in Plaintel after Philippe Etchebest’s visit?

During the number of Kitchen nightmare proposed this Monday, January 2, 2023 by M6, Philippe Etchebest tried to improve the situation of the restaurant of Jean-François and Darling in Plaintel. What about today, several months after shooting?

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It’s an episode full of twists and turns that awaited viewers of Kitchen nightmare this Monday, January 2. In this new issue, Philippe Etchebest went to Plaintel, in the Côtes-d’Armor, to help Jean-Francois and Darlingowners of a roadside restaurant for four years. First astonishment for the chef: when he arrived, the establishment was full of customers, about a hundred covers! Impossible even for him to chat with Jeff without being interrupted. Another surprise: the dishes prepared by Gwen had nothing to be ashamed of and suited the program host perfectly…

A lack of communication at the heart of Kitchen nightmare

After a somewhat unsuccessful evening service, Philippe Etchebest found the solution to the boss’s problem: his lack of communication with Gwen, in the kitchen. The two men hardly spoke to each other since their meeting, causing the appearance of a few grains of sand in the cogs. Moreover, between fixed charges, personnel costs and purchases, the number of customers did not allow the restaurant to get its head above water. According to Nicolas Jordan, the show’s business management expert, increasing the average basket of guests could help trigger a new dynamic. What about?

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Kitchen nightmare in Plaintel: what happened to them?

Contacted, M6 tells us that Gwen still works at the restaurant and that relations with Jeff have improved.. With regard to turnover, the lights are green since revenues are on the rise, without however being high enough to be “comfortable” financially. Before the episode aired, Jean-Francois and Darling were eagerly awaiting their appearance on television in an effort to increase restaurant traffic with their newfound notoriety. Their main objective: to receive at their table, in addition to drivers and workers passing through, families living in the surrounding area..

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