what is “L’Emprise”, the singer’s twelfth album worth?

what is “L’Emprise”, the singer’s twelfth album worth?

A journey that will end, fourteen tracks later, with the same words – “No doubt, it’s love” -, since “L’Emprise”, Mylène Farmer’s twelfth album released this Friday, November 25, begins and ends with the same song, sublime melancholy ballad, “Invisibles”, the final version being a piano voice.

An album whose release date, which coincides with the International day against violence against womendoes not seem to be a coincidence as the texts sound like a call to get out of the grip, precisely, – starting with the first single, “Forever” and the eponymous title.

Consistency and harmony

What immediately distinguishes “L’Emprise” from the previous albums of the icon of French song, is the coherence, the harmony of this album. The singer has nevertheless called on four different collaborations: Woodkid signs seven titles (the marriage of their two universes hits the mark), her faithful friend Moby composed the two most dynamic songs for her (including the perfect remedy for melancholy “Reignite the stars”), Archive and finally the group Aaron, with the UFO “Rayon vert” which has found its place, electro comma in an album strewn with lyrical ballads (one thinks of the masterful “Que l’aube est belle”).

Some may criticize “L’Emprise” for lacking truly striking titles and melodies, but the album can be enjoyed as a whole and, despite a few forgettable songs, there is no doubt that many of them will be sublimated in the high mass that will be the “Nevermore Tour” – one thinks in particular of the flamboyant “Que je devienne…” –, which starts in June 2023 and will pass in Bordeaux on July 14 and 15.

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