What is THE song that makes you burn the dancefloor and why?

What is THE song that makes you burn the dancefloor and why?

You’ve been here for two hours, at the “chic and shocking details” evening organized by your cousin Isabelle. The New Year’s guests are nice but you stay near the bar to chain the Spritz. Dancing sounds good to you, but not to Daft Punk. “I’ve done the crusaders, you know”, that’s the excuse you throw at Isabelle as soon as she wants to drag you onto the dance floor. And then miraculously, I’ll go wherever you will go (thank you Céline) is dropped by the DJ. follow Levitation by Dua Lipa glass heart by blondy, Very well of Jain, Hold on for a hero by Bonnie Tyler or even mary proud by Tina Turner… in short, it’s madness and the floor is going to be expensive.

If the playlist above is freely inspired by the tastes of the journalists of the editorial staff of 20 minutesit can be extended… with your choices, which, we are certain, will join our “New Year 2022 Minutes” compilation.

So tell us what is THE song that makes you burn the dance floor? Who is the artist who systematically makes you join the dance floor? Tell us which title wakes you up in the evening, whether it’s from 2022 or 1976. Explain to us why this song moves you so much? Why she speaks to you so much, what she reminds you of (moments of joy, New Year’s Eve, wild first dance, etc.). Tell us if you have a specific choreography or if you go as far as possible without being afraid of sweating. And also tell us if you listen to it in the car, in the living room or while brushing your teeth every morning to get the mood all by yourself.

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