what legacy does the singer leave to his fans?

what legacy does the singer leave to his fans?

The topic of the day. Five years after the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, the fire is still lit. More than ever. Tributes and events are preparing to celebrate the memory of the singer who died on December 5, 2017.

Between Johnny and his fans, the bond is stronger than anything. Stronger than death. From the faithful of the first hour to the new enthusiasts, everyone is trying in their own way to move forward in life without the star, while continuing to write their legend.

Concerts at the cinema, scrapbookdocumentaries, beautiful books, exhibition event… The cult of Johnny Hallyday is maintained by his fans. Johnny is anchored in the collective imagination. The singer has become a myth.

Why are we talking about it ? How have his fans lived these five years, what do they want for the future? How is an artist’s cult maintained? What does it take for an artist to go down in history?

“Johnny was not just a singer. Johnny was a very important part of people’s lives, beyond a simple song, beyond a simple concert. Overnight, it took clinging to the memory of Johnny, clinging to his records, to the memory that we had exchanges with Johnny. It was not easy to live without Johnny. Fans began to collect costumes, to get involved in careers related to the world of music. Each in his own way has built a life without Johnny but with Johnny”, explains Thibaut Geffrotin, journalist and author of several books devoted to the singer, including All Johnny (Flammarion).

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