When Anne Dorval and Steve Gagnon take control of the set of Everyone talks about it

When Anne Dorval and Steve Gagnon take control of the set of Everyone talks about it

No matter the year, no matter the circumstances, it’s good to know that we can always count on Anne Dorval to set fire to a television set.

Not literally, we want to reassure you.

But that is nevertheless what happened – figuratively speaking, we can never make it clear enough – during the first edition of 2023 of Everybody talks about itairing this Sunday, January 15.

Accompanied by actor Steve Gagnon, with whom she shares the poster for the play I’m writing to you in the middle of a beautiful stormwhich will be presented on Tuesday on the boards of the TNM, the main interested party seemed to completely forget that she was on a television set to offer us the first “Anne Dorval moment” of 2023.

The complicity between the two actors was compared by guest co-host Marie-Lyne Joncas to that which Dorval has had for years with Xavier Dolan. And indeed, Steve Gagnon exudes a very similar energy.

So that there were a few moments when Anne Dorval had to apologize for having cut off her new accomplice, carried away by the same passion that feeds them.

“I love you like that, you prevent me from engulfing myself”then launched Steve Gagnon.

Then they insisted on the number of “official” mistresses of Albert Camus. Was it three or four? We’ll never know.

“We cancel everything else and we listen to you”proposed at a certain moment Marie-Lyne Joncas, fascinated by these overflows.

The delirium and cacophony took on such proportions that Steve Gagnon inadvertently suffered a water gulping accident.

“Damn, I spat in front of 1.8 million people”then declared the main interested party, before Guy A. Lepage reminded him that the whole thing was all the more filmed in high definition.

Footnote: if you want to put Anne Dorval in all her states, talk to her about the young playwright Maxime Carbonneau, for whom she is full of praise.

“Maxime Carbonneau, Maxime Carbonneau, Maxime Carbonneau…”she interrupted Steve Gagnon once again when the latter pronounced her name, as if she wanted to make him appear in the studio like Betelgeuse.

Obviously, among viewers, the reactions were mixed in the face of all this turmoil, some having savored the moment of television without restraint, others having been unable to bear the ambient chaos.

But like the other people present on the set, this delirious moment certainly gave us the taste to see what kind of sparks the meeting between the two artists produces on stage.

For more information on the part I’m writing to you in the middle of a beautiful storm, Click here.

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