When the book becomes the star of the day

When the book becomes the star of the day

In the village hall of Saint-Saturnin-de-Lenne, the book was the center of attention recently.

Organized by the cultural association M’Art Mots and the municipality, this book festival brought together a whole series of writers from different fields: novels, history, stories, poetry, adventure, science fiction, police, heritage, childhood, cooking. , comics and help in genealogical research. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. there was a steady but regular flow of reading enthusiasts, who were hosted by the authors for a moment of exchange and dedication of their works.

All visitors were delighted to meet the authors, talk with them; they liked the idea of ​​bringing the book closer to them and making it more accessible. What nice meetings and exchanges during this day. The atmosphere was friendly and warm. It was musical at the beginning of the afternoon when the shaman’s drum was heard, then the saxophone and at the end the improvisation of the two players. Good luck to everyone with, as a bonus, beautiful sunshine. Lunch could be served outside, on the football field. A meal tray was offered, consisting of dishes prepared by the municipal team (Martine, Célia and Héloïse), to which the snails of the Juliens family were added, all served with the appreciated help of Péguy.

The 2022 book festival will remain marked by the warm welcome of the organizers and the wonderful osmosis between writers and visitors.

Several books from this festival will be offered in the village library, to continue this good time.

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