when The Edge’s divorce offers the best of U2

when The Edge’s divorce offers the best of U2


At the crossroads of two decades, the Irish will operate a superb transformation both musically and humanly. It brings out the mythical Watch out baby recorded in Berlin…

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When they enter the studio to give a little brother to Rattle and buzzthe atmosphere is rather heavy. U2 ended the 80s with this status as the biggest rock band in the world. What to do with it? How to propel yourself into a new decade by offering something new? To answer these questions: destination Berlin. The group is not completely on the same wavelength for the direction of this necessary little bit of freshness.

A page has closed, another is busy opening. As in the life of The Edge, the emblematic guitarist of the combo. He accuses the blow, at the time, of his separation and the failure of his marriage with Aislinn O’Sullivan. For the 30th anniversary of the release of Achtung Baby, in 2021, the members of the group have themselves recognized it during various interviews. The fact that Edge’s marriage fell apart at the time added to the overall mood and stress of the album. “The words of the songs or what Edge went through, they’re all tied together… I’ve had my issues in my relationship, it’s hard on everyone. I think loyalty is just against human nature.” says Bono.

The most “obvious” song is undoubtedly “So Cruel”, the album’s sixth track. Bono has worked on lyrics that address, among other things, the heartbreaking themes of divorce. Of The Edge’s divorce, Bono would also tell Rolling Stone magazine that “it was one of the saddest things… But that was only part of it. There were a lot of other things going on inside the band and outside, and I was working on all of that…”

It is in this gloomy atmosphere of the end of an era, of the need for renewal and the desire for rebirth that one of U2’s greatest artistic successes will take shape.

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