When the novel is emancipated in the cinema

When the novel is emancipated in the cinema

It is often said that when a work is finished, its author must publish it and offer it to the world. Sometimes it shines so well that it begins a second life in a new form. This is the case with what they say, Piston etc shoemaker which will soon be exhibited.

Director Sarah Polley was delighted with Miriam Toews’ novel, what they say, published by Boréal in 2019. Confronted with what the book suggests, namely the individual and collective responsibility when a community perpetuates abuses in the name of ideology, she made this film intermingling with each of the women of the novel, adopting their point of view despite her own, in order to respect herself story dynamics. That’s because this novel, based on a true story, tells the dilemma of a group of women within a Mennonite community when they denounce the assaults that several of them experienced while drugged and unconscious. Men fiercely defend the guilty, and women must decide between justice and faith, between standing up or bowing down. But nothing is so clear-cut and nuances appear in each of these women’s reflections. Do you like reading this novel? Find out here article by the late Lori Saint-Martin to convince you a little more. A film to be discovered as well, from January 13th.

Piston It’s also getting a second life, starting February 22, with a script by Eric K. Boulianne and Francis Leclerc. That’s because Stéphane Larue’s novel caused quite a stir when it came out, retelling with fervor and high psychological development the story of a guy mired in debt and loneliness, assigned to wash dishes in restaurants and who likes the sound of vending machines a little too much. Starring Henri Picard, the film transports us into the excitement of life in the kitchen alongside the protagonist who, despite the pitfalls of his personal life, dreams of becoming an illustrator.

Finally, shoemaker, whose first release dates back to 1998, will come to life again on our screens next year in March. The first volume of a series of four novels, shoemaker it turned out to be a real success in the bookstores of the time. What’s more, the new edition of volumes 1 and 2 will arrive just in time for the movie’s release. Written by Sylvain Guy and directed by François Bouvier, the film tells the story of a visionary – Victoire Du Sault, played by Rose-Marie Perreault – who founded a famous shoe repair shop, but who was also at the center of the love triangle on which the film will focus. So, a historical saga, colored with a touch of romanticism, which will make us rediscover the novel that was a hit from the end of the last century.

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