where to watch the soap?

where to watch the soap?

Be careful, if you are fans of Love, Glory and Beauty, you will have to change your habits. Indeed, from this January 2, the cult soap opera changes broadcaster! We will explain everything to you.

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The announcement caused a stir: a few weeks ago, we learned thatLove glory and beauty was going to leave France 2and change channels. A real upheaval in the small world of the PAF, as the soap opera and the public channel had been linked for decades. Remember: it was in 1989, and under the name of Top Modelsthat the series created by William Joseph Bell landed in France on Antenne 2 (which became France 2 in 1992). In September 1990, the soap opera changed its name, but not its broadcaster, and this, for more than 30 years. But that was before !

On which channel Love Glory and Beauty will it be broadcast?

Indeed, from this Monday, January 2, it will no longer be necessary to press the second button on the remote control to follow the continuation of the adventures of the Forrester clan. In effect, Love glory and beauty arrives… on TF1! The first channel will offer the soap opera at the same time as on France 2 – i.e. at 10:20 a.m. – and just before the other cult soap opera The fires of loveof the same William Joseph Bell. A real revolution which we do not yet know if it will have an impact on the audiences of one or the other. To mark the event, TF1 has even thought of broadcasting Eric Forrester (John McCook) and his granddaughter Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) trailers since the end of 2022 announcing their upcoming arrival on the front page.

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What program will replace Love, Glory and Beauty?

On the side of France 2, Agathe Lecaron is the big winner of this change in size. Indeed, the space left vacant by the Forresters will be filled by an extension of its program The nursery school 30 minutes. Thus, the program will be offered from 9:35 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. A replay of the game will then follow. Everyone wants to take its placefrom 10:45 a.m. Note that TF1 will resume broadcasting episodes of Love, Glory and Beauty exactly where France 2 left off, namely from episode number 8,688 (nothing less!)

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