Which authors enter the public domain in 2023?

Which authors enter the public domain in 2023?

Let’s discover the French authors who will enter the public domain in 2023. As every year, the list of out-of-copyright works grows.

A quick reminder, the public domain covers all works of the mind (books, movies, sculptures, paintings, etc.) for which copyright is about to expire. Therefore, you will be able to find their digital works especially on legal download sites and free like for example here .

Which French authors are in the public domain?

After Alain and André Gide 2022, it’s Paul Eluard’s turn to enter the public domain. Eluard is the quintessential poet, especially known for his poem “Liberté”.

In his case, there are also other French authors: Romain Coolus, Georges Clavigny (children’s writer), Henri d’Acremont, André Corthis (pseudonym of Andrée Magdeleine Husson), who won the Prix Femina in 1906. We will also mention Victor Féli (pseudonym of Jeanne Canac), the author a book for young girls.

Which books abroad become public domain in 2023?

In the United States of America, works published in 1927 enter the public domain on January 1, 2023.
Copyright takes into account the date of publication of the work, not the date of death of the author. These works enter the public domain only in the English version.

-The last series of Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan Doyle. The Sherlock Holmes archive is finally available to the public.
– The Agatha Christie Four.
– Franz Kafka’s America.
– Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury.
– Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse.
-Virginia Woolf Lighthouse Walk.
– The future of an illusion by Sigmund Freud.

– Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway.
– Mosquitoes by William Faulkner.

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