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Which bangs for round face to choose? Here are the haircuts that will refine your look!

Which bangs for round face to choose? Here are the haircuts that will refine your look!

Fringes are a super trend lately, as you can see on all social media. Straight, tapered, asymmetrical, mini or curtain, there’s a style for everyone. But yet, one of the most frequently asked questions is “Do bangs fit round faces? “. You will find the answer below. Go for it !

Which fringe to refine the round face?

If your face is as wide as it is long with fairly plump cheekbones, then you have a round face. If you have any doubts, you can always download an application in order to define your face shape. This is an important step in choosing a haircut, because it allows you to choose the one that suits you best.

Now, are you ready to proceed? Let’s find out together which are the best bangs for you and which ones you absolutely must avoid!

Tapered bangs

haircut with bangs for round face

Tapered bangs that stop just above the eyebrows are proving to be a popular choice among women with a pretty chubby face. You can wear it a little longer like in the photo above, but never shorter. For an even trendier look, combine this bangs with a bob haircut. We recommend the gradient square (layered bob), the long square, the asymmetrical square or Jenna Ortega’s famous haircutknown by the name chopped bob.

Fringe on the side

example of bangs for round face

The side bangs that come down to the cheeks accentuate the forehead and lengthen it optically. So do not hesitate to try it. Moreover, asymmetrical bangs can hide deep forehead wrinkles. The best haircuts to combine it with are the Pixie and the plunging French bob.

curtain fringe

best bangs for round face

The curtain fringe is really versatile! We love it! Like any other haircut with bangs, this one also helps to hide small wrinkles around the eyes and optically slim the face. Combine it with stylish waves beach waves to give more volume to fine hair. Another benefit of curtain bangs is that it makes you look younger. So if you are looking for a haircuts for women over 40it’s a great choice!

What bangs to avoid when you have a round face?

Choppy-Bob-with short wispy bangs

If you have a round face, it is absolutely necessary to avoid bangs that are too long and thick. They will make your face appear larger because they crush it. XS bangs like the one in the photo above are also not a good idea. This will emphasize your cheeks making them look bigger.

Do bangs make your face look bigger?

Do you still ask yourself this question? We doubt it! Bangs won’t fatten your face as long as you choose the style that suits you. In short, you should avoid super long and short looks and opt for more balanced cuts that will make your hair feel lighter.

Long haircut with bangs for women with a round face

hairstyle with bangs for round face long red hair

Bob cut with bangs for round face

square cut with straight bangs for round face

Short hair with bangs: before/after photo

bangs for oval round face pixie cut before after

Trendy haircut 2023

What bangs to refine the face

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