White butterflies: Creating, writing and illustrating a story… Kindergarten workers did it!

White butterflies: Creating, writing and illustrating a story… Kindergarten workers did it!

Their names are Yamina, Jessim, Abdallah, Jean-Louis, Guy, Stéphanie, Béatrice, Bastien, Alexandre, Florence… They did an outstanding job with the author Yveline Richard.

It is the culmination of the important work done with the author Yveline Richard, 20 users of the Albatros day center from the Association des Papillons Blancs Bourgogne du Sud had the pleasure of hosting numerous guests this Tuesday at the end of the day to present their book in the premises located at 9 rue Saint-Henri in Le Creusot.
The book, which they decided to call “The Funny Green Thing”, was written and illustrated in October and November 2022 by Yamina, Jessim, Abdallah, Jean-Louis, Guy, Stéphanie, Béatrice, Bastien, Alexandre, Florence, Brigitte(s), Hélène, Olivier, Agnès, David, Michel, Gabriel, Anne-Marie, François, supervised by Yveline Richard, children’s author and Christine Germain-Rocton, instructor-educator. This is an important project for the Albatros day center and the association Papillons Blancs Bourgogne du Sud because it has enabled full and complete social inclusion, while recognizing and appreciating the work of these people. “You can see through the models made and the film shown on the different sequences, the investment and commitment of everyone…” said Valérie Brugniaux, director of Foyers du Breuil in her speech.

An important job of 2 and a half months

The groups met and the research work could begin where everyone could give their ideas and direction to take. For two and a half months, twice a week, Yveline Richard, in collaboration with Christine Germain-Rocton, intervened free of charge at the service to move the project forward. “During the sessions there was no break, no siesta, everyone wanted to participate and everyone did a very good job…” supported Mrs. Brugniaux. After the story was written and the plates produced, Yveline Richard offered to send them to her illustrator Samija Kamal who did the layout and model for free. He also thanked the printing house Écuisses, which contributed to the realization of this project. During the presentation of the book, Nathalie Summer, president of Papillons Blancs Bourgogne du Sud, expressed her satisfaction with the result: “I am proud to see what is happening in our association…”.
With him, we greeted Aurélie Sauvageot, head of service at Albatros’ daily reception, as well as several elected officials from Le Creusot and Le Breuil: Barbara Sarandao, Daniele Picard, Pierre Brugniau and Catherine Landré for Le Breuil.
You will be able to get this book with a free donation. The money will then be paid into dedicated funds. This highlight was followed by Yveline Richard’s signing of three of her books: The Frog Lesson, Ariouli and Sharing the Killer Whales.



Yveline Richard: I experienced something unusual!

“What can I say, except that it was a great pleasure to work with you! I have always loved literature since my earliest childhood. But there I was very enthusiastic and I admit, I was a little scared at first. I experienced something extraordinary with tolerance, kindness, sharing… And we succeeded…”

Bastien: Yveline Richard brought me a lot!

“I will present the book, I participated in its creation and creation, yes, I was very involved in this project. I really liked the story with the crocodile, the first time we saw a crocodile in the forest… At first it was not easy, but I love everything about nature, I wrote the end of the story and Now I really want to work again with Yveline Richard, she brought me a lots of…”

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