White noise, the new eldorado of the “music” industry?

White noise, the new eldorado of the “music” industry?

If the trend is confirmed with listeners, some artists are protesting the amount of royalties paid by streaming platforms. Indeed, these songs require little work and are often played on a loop by users who want to concentrate or relax, but they generate much more money than more complex titles which took months of work.

There are some amazing artists working in sound design, but a lot of the stuff we’re talking about isn’t that, it’s just someone sticking a mic out the window “, explains Tom Gray, the guitarist of Gomez and founder of BrokenRecord, a campaign which militates for better remuneration of the artists present on the sites of streaming. He adds : ” It just drains money from things that have cultural value because it all comes from the same pool. There should be a different pool of money for this stuff. »

An opinion that does not share Patrick Zajda, co-founder of Lullify Music Group. The man has created playlists devoted to white noise and other relaxing sounds. He explains that he takes a certain care to offer an optimal listening experience to listeners: ” We mix and master every track, just like we would if we were trying to make a Grammy-winning record.. »

Asked about the subject, Spotify says it quickly decided. Thus, the platform will not modify its compensation rules for these particular titles: “ This music, like all other music on Spotify, is licensed by the rights holders, and we pay them licensing fees for their music. »

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