white paper for the needs of young people

white paper for the needs of young people

Ideas how to improve their city to better meet their needs, they have. 270 young Schilikoi participated in the workshops for the 2e edition of “City Desires”. “It is a process of consulting young people with partners in the territory, confirms Joëlle Gerber, head of the youth service in Schiltigheim. The idea is to create a white youth book and extract concrete actions from it. »

And Adriana Cavani-François, head of the youth citizenship department, adds: “At the beginning of the project, young people identified topics that were refined at each stage. We relied on fun mediation tools to present the results of the consultation. »

Dating is one of the four topics covered. It inspired both young people and partners: development of more places for young people, better communication and advertising of activities, promotion of young talents, their involvement in programming activities, etc. Requests and needs that can be identified through a questionnaire or, for example, “My digital office”.

Better consider the voice of victims of harassment

Another topic: spaces for young people. Here too, the participants have many ideas, especially the need for places that are close, accessible and with suitable timetables. “It will be good if we have access to it in the evenings after school and on weekends,” says the young girl. To advertise their places, “it could go through visits”, suggests the young man.

The participants also discussed the topic of harassment. And everyone agrees that it is necessary to take better account of the word of the victim. “The abuser must understand the effect of his actions. And there is also the issue of viewers “who have to open their eyes”, the boy points out. “Not forgetting the importance of the example of adults,” concludes another. By raising awareness of the problem through role-playing or sanctions, participants also advocate working on empathy and benevolence from an early age.

The last mentioned topic is ecology and especially how to encourage young people to eco-responsible practices. Reward system, transfer of good gestures, suggestions emphasize the need for pedagogy. “We have to explain the positive effects of these actions and the negative effects if we do nothing. The approach is more stimulating and soothing”, say the two young people. Awareness that could go through an educational suitcase for example.

For the mayor of Schiltigheim, Danielle Dambach, “the ‘City Desires’ laboratory must continue, dig into different ideas, propose concrete things”. And to open the prospects for an action plan in 2023. A step, therefore, but also an awakening of active citizenship.

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