who are the famous parents of the journalist of “Quotidien”?

who are the famous parents of the journalist of “Quotidien”?

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His face certainly tells you something. For two years, Ambre Chalumeau has presented the cultural chronicle of the program “Quotidien”, on TMC. At only 25 years old, the young woman has imposed herself brilliantly in the team of Yann Barthès. It seems that she inherited the talent of her parents, famous in the world of television.

She has undeniably found her place in thedaily show by Yann Barthès. In charge of the cultural section of Daily for two years now, Ambre Chalumeau, 25, has become an indispensable part of the team. It is indeed with a lot of spirit that the young woman presents her BAC, Brigade des Affaires Culturelles, every evening.

“A lot of people think I got the job thanks to my parents”

His appetite for cultural subjects does not come from nowhere. Ambre Chalumeau indeed grew up in a world where writing and cinema reigned supreme. His father is none other than Laurent Chalumeau, one of the great authors of Canal +. He notably wrote the texts of Antoine de Caunes for Nowhere elsein the 1990s. Arielle Saracco, her mother, is the former director of the original creation of Canal. She produced great series like The Office of LegendsGears, Hippocrates, Black Baron or Braquo. And, she also participated in the launch of the large newspaper and other short programs like after-sales service or Serge the myth.

In her cultural column of January 5, 2023, Ambre Chalumeau referred to the debate on the “nepo-babies” (“son and daughter of” in French) which has shaken the United States since the publication of the article by Nate Jones in the New York Review. Lily Rose Depp, Zoë Kravitz, Lily Collins… All these star children have in turn become famous, in part thanks to the notoriety of their parents. Is this the case for Ambre Chalumeau?

After her column, many Internet users criticized her for not having specified that she herself was a “daughter of”. “A lot of people think I got the job on TMC thanks to my parents. But not at all. When I told them I was going to be on the air, their first reaction was worry: they know this medium and thought about what the public exposure implied. They left me to manage and, today, I believe that they are proud, happy with what I live…”, she reacted in the columns of 20 minutes, Tuesday, January 24.

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