Who is Stray Kids, the K-Pop group headlining the Lollapalooza festival?

Who is Stray Kids, the K-Pop group headlining the Lollapalooza festival?

South Korean band Stray Kids headline the Lollapalooza festival. A first for a K-Pop group in France.

Surprise for South Korean music lovers, with the Lollapalooza lineup unveiled on Wednesday January 25th. Stray Kids headline the first day of the annual festival. Beyond the fact that the formation becomes the first K-Pop group to occupy the stage of this popular Parisian event, it is above all its arrival in France that is welcomed with fervor.

Lollapalooza could not have chosen its headliner better, as the success of Stray Kids in France is significant. In France, the Stays (name of the group’s fans) tweet in quantity on social networks, organize training support projects, test album order sites… And for good reason, by radically standing out since its debut in March 2018, Stray Kids has managed to find a large number of followers (even the actor Ryan Reynolds love them).

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Claims and search for the self

Born at JYP Entertainment, one of the four most powerful agencies in South Korea, Stray Kids owes its success to the frankness with which it expresses itself. His lyrics evoke social oppression, educational standards, ill-being, depression, environmental concerns… The melodies are catchy but the lyrics are a cry for help.

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stray kidsliterally “stray children”, tells the story of young adults who are looking for their identity and their place in society. The formation offers its audience its own story, nourished by the pitfalls and questions of the eight members who compose it. This is partly why the resonance with his audience is strong. For the Stays, Stray Kids is the spokesperson for their ills.

An unprecedented sound revolution

Since its creation, the group has operated on its own. In addition attests the selection of the future “idols” which was made by the designated leader of the formation, Bang Chan. 3RACHA, the production team that signs each musical release, is made up of the group’s three rappers: Bang Chan, Changbin and Han. Composition, arrangement and writing of the texts, everything is the fruit of their unbridled inventiveness. Using all types of instruments and sound effects, example with their flagship track of 2022 “Maniac”they know how to make everything deliciously unique.

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And if some members assert themselves through rap verses (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han), others like Seungmin and IN stand out for their ethereal voices. For their part, Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix are recognized for their dancing skills. The group therefore cleverly combines its know-how, giving irreproachable stage performances.

Lollapalooza will be the second meeting of the year since Stray Kids will perform for the very first time in France to a sold-out audience at La Défense Arena on April 8, as part of the Musik Bank festival, which takes place annually in the four corners of the world. The ticket office for Lollapalooza will open on Friday 27 January.

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