Who is VJ, the new darling of Senegalese music?

Who is VJ, the new darling of Senegalese music?

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In the Senegalese musical sphere, a young person particularly attracts attention. With his dance steps, his originality and his Freestyle style, Mohamed A. Preira ignites the web. With incredible talent, the son of journalists Hourèye Thiam and Ballé Preira entered the “big leagues”.

After his studies at Seydou Nourou Tall high school where he obtained his baccalaureate in 2021, VJ is currently in his first year at the African Institute of Management (IAM).

Unknown to the general public, the young singer is upsetting all the musical codes in Senegal. Little Preira inherited his public speaking skills from his parents who are TV stars. Aged 18, he made his debut on the music scene in 2021.

Without an album, VJ is considered today as one of the best artists of his generation. With his fans, mostly teenagers aged 15 to 22, he has millions of views on social networks.

An artist with many hats, music entered him as if by magic. Thus, the son of journalist Hourèye Thiam started out as a beat maker. He was discovered, thanks to the remixed songs of the famous Congolese singer Dadju. Then, VJ started to appear on several stories of musicians from Senegal like Dip Doundou Guiss who validated him.

This is how the phenomenon was born, to the delight of young music lovers.

Her latest single “One Time” is a mix of romance and traditional-modern. A very particular style that seduces music lovers to the point of allowing the artist to have a million views in one week on YouTube. And for some time now, Mouhamed VJ has been seducing an audience made up mostly of young people inhabited by the new musical trend to challenge them on Tiktok and Snapchat.

The young artist shares scenes and does the first part of international artists like Gims, Aya Nakamura.

From now on, the young prodigy has decided to fly on his own and the whole Dakar is already talking about him! His concert this Thursday, December 29 at the Esplanade du Grand Théâtre is a perfect illustration of this. A crazy world of teenagers has taken over the place. Some left the interior regions to experience the event with the artist of the moment, thus forcing the police to end the show for security reasons.

A question arises: what will be the future of this young 18-year-old singer who exploded the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre?

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