“Why did we invite her? Never again!”, Léa Salamé lets go of the current Miss France, Indira Ampiot in “Quelle époque“!

“Why did we invite her? Never again!”, Léa Salamé lets go of the current Miss France, Indira Ampiot in “Quelle époque“!

It all started with the chronicle of Philippe Caverivière… The troublemaker, who also officiates on RTL every morning, completes the set of hosts of “Quelle Epoque!”, every second part of the evening on Saturday, on France 2. Alongside Léa Salamé and Christophe Dechavanne, the comedian unpins the news of the guests with real valves or even gives his opinion, oddly uninteresting, on the zeitgeist. This Saturday, January 7, the cast was heterogeneous among the guests, since the talk show welcomed among others: Jean-Luc Reichmann, just crowned favorite host of the French in 2022 according to the OpinionWay-TV Mag poll, the politician of La France Insoumise, François Ruffin, Jérémy Ferrer, a baker who came to defend his profession victim of soaring energy prices, the Belgian humorist and actor Alex Vizorek or the food columnist Périco Légasse.

“She still fucked us!”

But also and above all… Indira Ampiot. Almost a month after her coronation, the young Miss France, taking over from Diane Leyre, was elected at just 18 years old. And today must face the limelight! And the corrosive humor of Philippe Caverivière… “We are delighted to receive Miss France, which proves that we are very fair play because it is still her, Indira, who screwed up the audience last time. ”, he launches by way of introduction to which Léa Salamé immediately replies: “Ah yes, it’s true!”. The snipper continues: “It’s because of her!” And then appear the audiences of the duel between “Quelle Epoque!” and the Miss France election of December 17: one million viewers for France 2 against more than 7 million for TF1. And Caverivière concludes: “She’s nice, she’s smart, she’s smiling, she’s athletic but… she still pissed us off!” under the general laughter. It was then that Léa Salamé took the lead: “Why did we invite her? Never again ! Indira, you are leaving!” pretending to drive away his guest who has never lost her beautiful smile. All’s well that ends well for Indira Ampiot as in the fairy tale she is living.

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