why Game Of Thrones fans are boycotting his next book

why Game Of Thrones fans are boycotting his next book

The thinking head of game of thrones, prolific author George RR Martin, is set to release a new book. Available from October 25, the book presented as a reference book for fans who want to know more about the Targaryens, is now under fire from critics.

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A controversy including George RR Martin, the author of game of thrones and executive producer of House of Dragonswould have gone well. Eleven years after the publication of the last novel in the saga of the Iron Throne, the writer of science fiction and fantasy will soon release a new novel titled Rise of the Dragon: An Illustrated History of the Targaryen Dynasty. The latter traces the reign of this clan, from the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms by Aegon Targaryen until the civil war known as “Dragon Dance“. But the release of this book sparked a real controversy and the legendary writer caught in the crosshairs of his fans.

The co-authors of Georges RR Martin accused of racism

After going public with her book on Twitter on September 26, thousands of fans expressed their outrage, many decrying the problematic behavior and racism of its co-authors, married couple Linda Antonsson and Elio M. García Jr.”We love you George, but we won’t support Elio and Linda. They’re the most racist characters to ever grace the fandom“, writes for example a surfer. While some call outright to boycott the release of the book, others urge Martin to break his ties with the couple. “Linda has a well-documented history of abuse towards your fans. Your silence is strong about it“, they answer him again. Linda Antonsoon and Elio M. Garćia are among the superfans who collaborate with Georges RR Martin, long before the successful adaptation by HBO of his books A song of ice and fire.

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But what do we blame them for?

Shortly after Antonsson and García created the online forum in 1999, Martin recruited them as reviewers for his book. A feast for the crows. In 2014, they even became co-authors of The World of Ice and Firean illustrated companion book to the series of novels. But many fans accuse the couple of notorious racism. In a March 2012 article, for example, Antonsson complained on his blog that Nonso Anoziea black man, had been cast as Xaro Xhoan Daxos in game of throneswho is a white character in Martin’s books. More recently, the author wrote that the character of Corlys, played by Steve Toussaint in Dragon Housewas misinterpreted. “There are no Black Valyrians and there shouldn’t be any in the show“, she said of the common ancestors of Velaryons and Targaryens. Interviewed by Varietyshe says she has no problem with choosing an inclusive cast, but strongly believes that “diversity should not trump history”.

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