Why is Millie Bobby Brown not allowed to shave her head?

Why is Millie Bobby Brown not allowed to shave her head?

If in the 4th season of the phenomenon series stranger thingswe can see actress Millie Bobby Brownstill in the role of Eleven, with a shaved head, it is ultimately only a deception unlike the first season. And yes, the 18-year-old actress was banned from shaving her head for the 4th season. And here’s why.

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“I loved having a shaved head,” says Millie Bobby Brown about stranger things

At only 12 years old, Millie Bobby Brown auditions for the first time for the role of Eleven in the Stranger Things Series. Namely that nearly 307 young girls followed one another to land the flagship role. However, one detail made the difference for Mollie. Indeed, many candidates have finally abandoned the adventure when they knew they had to shave their heads to interpret the role of the little girl. Mille, she “loved having a shaved head”.

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Why Milly Bobby Brown was banned from shaving her head stranger things season 4?

In an interview, the talented actress reveals that she would have loved to repeat the experience of short hair. “Actually, I wanted to do it again for season 4. But I wasn’t allowed to,” she says. That’s why, in the show’s final season, Millie actually wears a “fake” skull done using CGI to achieve the illusion of a boyish cut. But why was Milly not allowed to cut her hair? Quite simply because she had to prepare the filming of the Enola Holmes series at the same time.

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