Why is Taylor Swift breaking all records? –

Why is Taylor Swift breaking all records? –

Singer Taylor Swift marked the music industry by lifting ten songs from her album “Midnights” this week to the American ranking of the Billboard Hot 100. From princess of country to queen of pop, look back on a phenomenon.

Taylor Swift marked the music industry this week by placing ten songs from her new opus “Midnights” in the top ten places of the Billboard Hot 100 ranking. In the lead, the single “Anti-hero” with its 118 million plays . Never seen.

The singer even caused a breakdown on the Spotify platform the day of the release of her album. The reason? A gigantic influx of downloads caused by his fans, often ecstatic listening to his songs.

How to explain such a record? When it was created in 1936, the Billboard Hot 100 only counted sales of singles. Today, the music market has evolved considerably. The success of a title is based on several factors: material and digital sales, radio broadcasts, streaming on platforms such as Youtube or Spotify or interaction on social networks. Several reasons which would therefore explain the success of the American.

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America’s little sister

Taylor Swift is the story of a transformation, that of a princess of country who becomes queen of pop. At 16, she left her native Pennsylvania to settle in Nashville, the birthplace of country music. She quickly gets on stage where she signs her first songs, already very personal for an artist of this age. The public is quickly conquered. “Taylor Swift is America’s little sister. Her fans have followed her from the start, watched her grow and evolve musically,” analyzes Carole Harari, co-founder of the Inou├»e music label.

Beginnings that seduce a white and rather conservative America. However, the artist does not hide his progressive opinions. She notably defends the LGBT community, and posts on social networks her support for Joe Biden for the presidential election.

“She manages her storytelling very well. She often exposes herself, sharing her love troubles, her anxieties, her struggles… The public empathizes with her. very solid when she made a turn in pop”, she continues.

A “girl next door” side that appeals to the younger generation. The artist also has her own documentary on Netflix, “Miss Americana”, released in 2020. She reveals herself as an artist and addresses many themes: feminist struggles, media harassment of which she is the target or even eating disorder.

Full Artist

A star of all superlatives… At 32, she has already accumulated ten albums, gratified by more than 500 awards. A phenomenal success, which is also explained by his profile, very complete as an artist. “She has immense talent. Musician, composer, performer, producer… she’s a workhorse. She controls everything, masters the marketing codes to perfection and always manages to create excitement around her person”, details Carol Harari.

The young woman recently announced her return to the stage. Entitled “Eras”, the show is intended to be “a journey through all the musical eras of his career” and will begin on March 23 in the United States.

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