Why Mastu’s latest video is (really) important

Why Mastu’s latest video is (really) important

Forced to live with the shutters closed and under the fire of many “dramas”, the youtubeur Mastu has just published an important video in which he talks about the trying year he has just been through and his need to take a break. It is about his relationship to celebrity, mental health and the harassment he has suffered on a daily basis since his personal home was spotted and identified by some fans.

If the video is important, it is because it allows us to put our finger on an unknown aspect of the life of a successful youtuber: public exposure, especially to a young audience. By sharing rather frightening videos of his daily life, where we see children ringing at his door, screaming at his windows – which he keeps closed day and night – or even threatening him with death, Mastu questions the limits that should govern the relationship between a videographer and his subscribers.

“In addition to coming and ringing, people are also filming at my windows, over my gate. This means that we are forced to live with the shutters closed if we want a minimum of privacy, either in the dark or without daylight. When they’re not ringing and filming, they come into my yard and step over the gate to leave words on my door”he said.

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A taboo topic

He also evokes the blunders that may have marred his year 2022, likea video with Michou, in which the two youtubers had to spend each other’s money, which went wrong, but also the fact of never having the right to make mistakes or to see his personal life exposed and scrutinized in the slightest TikTok, or even seeing his phone number leak after… having been in contact with Covid-19.

“I speak with many people who work in this environment and who experience similar situations on different scales, and I find that very few talk about it. I know that you are often very attentive and very attentive, for the most part you use common sense when we meet in the street on a daily basis, but it seemed essential to me to show you all this”he explains in the video.

In order to come to his senses and not give in to “the sourness”Mastu has decided to take a break, for an indefinite period. “I’m starting my break now, the next time we’ll see each other again will be in 2023. I’m not giving a date. I want to take the time to recharge my batteries as best as possible.”

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