why the candidates will not go to the 13 Hours of TF1 this year

why the candidates will not go to the 13 Hours of TF1 this year

TF1 is ending a tradition that has lasted for decades: this year, the contenders for the crown of Miss France 2023 will not go to the set of the 13 hours of TF1 presented by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

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This is the year of upheaval for Miss France. To start, Sylvie Tellier has announced her departure from the beauty contest after seventeen years at the head of his organization. Moreover, in a few weeks, Diane Leyre will give the crown to the girl who will succeed him. Due to the new rules wanted by the president of the company Alexia Laroche-Joubert, she could have been married, over the age of 24, mother or have tattoos, things that were prohibited until now. However, despite the update of the selection criteria, the 30 contenders for the title look very similar to those of previous years. Only Océane Le Goff, elected Miss Caledonia, comes to upset the table since she is 26 years old.

The Misses at 13 hoursa tradition honored by Jean-Pierre Pernaut

The tradition has been, for years and years, that the candidates of Miss France invite themselves on the set of the 13 hours from TF1. It was particularly pleasing to Jean-Pierre Pernautwho presented this appointment for 33 years and who, in particular thanks to his love story with the beauty queen elected in 1987 Nathalie Marquaytook pleasure in presenting them a few weeks before the ceremony. Last year, after the departure of the journalist from his historic post, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau took over.

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No Miss France in the 13 hours from TF1, Alexia Laroche-Joubert explains

Yet this year, viewers of 1 p.m. will have not the opportunity to meet the regional misses because they will not parade on the set as confirmed by Alexia Laroche-Joubert during the press conference (electric) given last friday and attended by Télé-Loisirs. “I’ve had Thierry Thuillier [le directeur de l’information du groupe TF1, ndlr]. In this case, there are a lot of subjects that will be covered during the news. What he told me was that he preferred to see them in motion as part of the trip, preparations, etc.. On the other hand, there will be a set that will be planned, but not a set with the candidates“. To see them reunited, it will therefore be necessary to wait the ceremony broadcast on Saturday December 17 on TF1. Waiting, the contenders flew to Guadeloupe on Monday !

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