why this climate-skeptic book is being promoted in train stations

why this climate-skeptic book is being promoted in train stations

Screenshot of Twitter and Gunner’s edit This climate-skeptic book is currently undergoing an extensive poster campaign in the French transport network.

CLIMATE – A book that questions the scientific truths displayed in the large corridors of the RER and the Paris Metro. The best seller in the United States, on the best-seller list in France, Climate, share of uncertainty makes a lot of noise. a book climate skepticwritten by a physicist and former scientific advisor Barack ObamaSteven E. Koonin, claims to provide the keys against“climate alarmism”.

The book actually calls into question the consensus of IPCC climate experts, particularly by claiming that global warming it’s not like that “alarming”. Page after page, he casts doubt on human responsibility for climate change.

“The climate is changing, but why and how are not as clear as we think, nor is the exact measure of human responsibility”, writes the man who directed US investments in climatology. He also condemns disinformation » media and scientific on that topic.

Ethical checks

Without a basic knowledge of the physics and evolution of the climate, it is difficult for the reader to discover the climate-skeptic theories contained in this work. However, the promotion of the book has taken an important place in the public space in recent weeks. In Paris, it is promoted by huge posters, especially at RER and metro stations and SNCF stations, as you can see in the tweet below.

But how in its entirety COP 27 about the climate, and after a summer marked by record droughts and heat waves, can advertisements for a book that denies the climate crisis continue to appear in the public space? Le HuffPost contacted the Ile-de-France network that sold the ad space.

“Dedicated teams carry out visual checks”assures Alexandra Lafay, director of sustainable development and communication at MediaTransports, an advertising agency specialized in communication in public transport. These teams are responsible for vetting the legislative and regulatory arsenal, such as decree photoshop or legal notices.

A second check of the content of the messages is then carried out based on the rules of the Regulatory Authority for Professional Advertising (ARPP) which form “ethical framework of advertising expression. » The supervisory body specifically enacts prohibitions in order to guarantee the protection of children, safety, respect for the person, for languages. As of August 1, 2020, it also established recommendations on sustainable development.

Advertising must not contradict recognized scientific conclusions

Among the rules established on advertising messages related to environmental protection, indicated by ARPP what “advertising may not use demonstrations or scientific conclusions that are inconsistent with recognized scientific work”. Authority also writes in the head “affects écocitoyens” that advertising should not “to discredit principles and goals, no more than advice or solutions, generally accepted in terms of sustainable development”.

Does the promotion of a climate-skeptic book that questions the conclusions of the IPCC fall into this framework? No, I’m still convincing HuffPost Alexandra Lafray who explains that the role of advertising agencies is not to ” taking part ». “On this type of work, the sale of which is fully permitted, we have freedom of expression and have no moral judgment or partisan opinion on the content,” says the director of sustainable development. Even if the ARPP considers this publication to be in violation of its ethical rules, the advertising agency would not risk sanctions under any circumstances.

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