why was he forced into “abusive” censorship in his last video

why was he forced into “abusive” censorship in his last video

Squeezie invited Vald and Naza in his latest impostor video, and the censorship of some slurs has netizens cringing.

Picking up on his trusty concept of Imposters, which has followed him throughout 2022, Squeezie, accompanied by Vald and Naza, released his first content of 2023 this Saturday. A video once again successful, tinged with a slightly coarser vocabulary, which did not escape Internet users, since the slightest insult was censored by the editing team. “Squeezie is forced to censor ‘whores’, it’s still abused”noted a user on Twitter in a comment liked by the videographer himself.

Squeezie and creators no longer have a choice

And it is clear that the first French YouTuber does not really have a choice. As Terracid noted in an explanation on Twitter, the platform has beefed up its demonetization rule related to swear words, forcing creators to censor them individually. “It’s ridiculous, censorship is screwing up the video, and their rule is retroactive, he notes. A simple “Oh shit” is enough to demonetize». All profanity is therefore now paged.

Terracid finally adds that the rule is retroactive and also involves old content. “For you to realize, between the abusive claims, the demonetizations related to the content or the swear words, it is the equivalent of more than 2 years of videos released demonetized”he specifies with a screenshot of the demonetized videos of his channel. Maintaining the monetization of a YouTube video has become complex for many creators who want to maintain their content for all audiences. Conditions which also explain the proliferation of sponsorships, as recently noted by the Player of the Grenier.

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