Will François d’Epenoux be able to reconcile father and son?

Will François d’Epenoux be able to reconcile father and son?

LaParenthèsede Céline, blogger etc contribution reader groups 20 minutes of the bookI recommend you “Barefoot King” by François d’Epenoux, published on January 6, 2023 by Éditions Anne Carrière.

His favorite quote:

A crumbly thank you that broke into another syllable…

Why this book?

  • Because I really like François d’Epenoux. He uses his own style, his own signature. The kind I like to find in each of his books. Subtlety in emotions, fine and light humor in the service of poignant characters who are capable of going beyond their limits. Never too many words. A rich and precise vocabulary for a very lively and sensuous novel. A story – partially inspired by the writer’s experience – that excites and abuses. In different ways. It also questions our lifestyles, opens a discussion.
  • Because I stay away from this intimately moving story, its essence. Namely, a powerful love that unites two beings beyond rejection, anger or pain; the father’s admiration for his son, despite their differences, their cracks; the idea that choices, even if they are often sacrifices, make it possible to move forward in life. History disrupts the natural order of fatherhood. This seesaw phenomenon, so intriguing. The strange cohabitation of these feelings forms a magnificent confidential and universal novel at the same time. Timeless and contemporary at the same time.
  • Because this book is simply beautiful. And this word takes on its full meaning here. Beautiful with the idea of ​​grace. Beautiful in intent and intensity. A true delight for the heart. In this wonderful story, I find shadows, similarities, crossovers, interactions on chaotic parent-child relationships, with a superb performance by Florian Zeller Son.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. A magnificent novel about paternal love, about the questioning of the father to understand and tame the son with whom he experiences a great break, partly generational but not only. A gift to paternal love and respect for life’s choices.

Characters. A father well rooted in his modern life and his rebellious, sadistic son. Their terrible differences. their mutual misunderstanding. Impossible conversation. The suddenness of one. Provocation of another. A rebellious but understanding son. An angry but intelligent father.

Places. Mostly BEHIND Notre-Dame-des-Landes and a little in Paris. With cinematographic writing that allows you to imagine places, decorations, context.

Time. The story takes place today, very precisely with the Covid period.

Author. François d’Epenoux works in advertising and signed his thirteenth opus there. One of his books, Awakening of the heartr received the Maison de la presse award, and two of his novels have already been adapted for cinema. two days to kill etc Sunday dads. All his books are also published in paperback.

This book was read with the impression that the author was leading me by the hand to open the way for me to meet his characters. Then he let me slip into their shadow and more precisely into the skin of this father. Then the magic worked, I alternately vibrated, wavered, hoped. My heart was tight, light. I loved it!

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