Will the Hachette Livre group build an XXL logistics location near Dreux?

Will the Hachette Livre group build an XXL logistics location near Dreux?

During the evening of his wishes to the business world, on Thursday, at the Atelier à spectacle de Vernouillet, Gérard Sourisseau, president of Agglo du Pays de Dreux, specified that “big companies are knocking on our door and our areas of operation in Porte court and Germainville will soon be full . We must continue and accelerate the conversion of the wasteland by engaging in the process of land reclamation. In this challenge of development and economic planning, we will also have to carefully monitor the progress of the A 154 file”.

“2 billion would be invested in the next five years”

An analysis confirmed on Monday by its vice president in charge of economic development, Pierre-Frédéric Billet: “We are in good economic dynamics. Hardly a week goes by without big brands knocking on our doors. »

He insists: “Our territory is attractive. We owe this to the investments of the Agglomeration, but also to highways 154 and A20, which will remain free. We are ideally located. We will even have to find a new wasteland in the Livraindières area, in Dreux. We will sell our land more expensively. »

But the Agglomeration does not accept all the companies that want to be established there. “We ensure that the area of ​​the facilities corresponds to the number of employees. We also want a variety of jobs that vary from unskilled to highly skilled. »

Publishing company Hachette wants to turn the page by moving to the south of Yvelines, to Allainville

Gérard Sourisseau made a general announcement, during his wishes, saying that “negotiations are very long and nothing is certain at the moment. If there is a signature with the logistics group, it will not happen before the end of summer 2023. If the planets align as they should, we should have almost 2 billion investments in our territory, in the next five years. But you have to know how to be patient and, above all, efficient”.

Then, questioned by Republican echo Gérard Sourisseau did not confirm the information about the possible establishment, in the area of ​​Germainville, of the logistics location of the French publisher Hachette.

Dialogue interrupted

For his part, Pierre-Frédéric Billet specifies: “This zone is classified as Prime Place, which means that it is very interesting for companies. In this area we cooperate with PRD, developer, investor for companies. »

The agglomeration would be related to Hachette for 18 months. “Dialogue stopped when Hachette changed management and shareholders. The group, whose buildings in Maurepas, in Yvelines, are no longer suitable, returned to us in September. He says that he is interested in the field. »

If Hachette decided to come to Germainville, it would be to set up a book warehouse and company headquarters, which in total represents about a hundred jobs. “But nothing has been signed yet,” adds the mayor of Dreux.

According to one trade unionist, the file is progressing

Michel Guillou, elected member of Sud Solidaire at Hachette Livres, talks about the communication his management sent to staff representatives about this important project: “A little over a week ago, the Hachette Livres group general management met to inform us about the progress of the file for the future Germainville location. According to the management, the problems with the first building permit are behind us, and apparently the administrative procedures for the second file at the Germainville location are progressing. According to the management, the move from Yvelines is not inevitable and can only be considered in 2026. Our current location, in Maurepas, which is part of three identical locations in Lyon and Nantes, is home to almost 500 employees. It is not known how many would like to follow the group at the time of the move. Michel Guillou confirms, moreover, that for now the final purchase agreement has not yet been signed from by Hachette Livres.

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