Will’s interpreter allegedly harassed at college

Will’s interpreter allegedly harassed at college

At the end of season 4 of stranger things, Noah Schnappthe interpreter of Will Byer in the Netflix series, decided to back to school. Subscribed to the University of Pennsylvaniahe would, however, be a victim many alerting behaviors from his friends. Several students testified about social networks.

Noah Schnapp and his desire to live like any 17-year-old

If Noah Schnapp enjoyed success at a very young age with the release of stranger things on Netflix, he still prefers secure one’s back. The income from the series allows him to comfortably support himself, but the actor would like to live, as much as possible, like young people of his age. Prior to his latest project, he held a student job every summeras he had told Flaunt : “I worked in the summer as a lifeguard to keep myself busy, to have fun, but also to keep my feet on the ground”.

Recently, Noah Schnapp also shared his desire to go back to school. Enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, he made his comeback this week. Naturally, many people wonder how the other students with this student like no other. It’s not every day that you come across a star of the small screens in the playground! Noah Schnapp made the choice to sleep on campus and live their student life to the full. On September 2, 2022, TMZ shared a video on which the actor was encouraged by his comrades to jump into a huge swimming pool… Images that suggest a very good agreement between him and the other students.

The alarming revelations about the attitude of other students towards Noah Schnapp

Nevertheless, on Twitter, we are witnessing another story. Since the start of the school year, many students reveal how Noah Schnapp’s schooling is really going. They explain that he is constantly solicited by students who want to take advantage of him, while others would have fun drug him without his knowledge to get “photos and videos folders” of the actor. He also tells himself that the girls would be interested in him to take advantage of his popularity, while others hunt him down to have “something to sell to the press”. Here are the comments that can be found on Twitter about “behind the scenes” of his education at the University:

There were words from people saying they would put substances in his drink. He made a few friends there who are fake to him. Many of them talk behind his back and only want to befriend him because he is famous. They don’t see him as a person. The school girls are trying/planning to take advantage of him in weird and rude ways (Like a date raping him). People at his college take videos/photos of him and post them out of context and sell them to paparazzi sites

The user behind the Twitter account @burner4noah clarifies that these are things that are said at the University of Pennsylvania but without proof, it is best to take this information with a grain of salt. The person still claims to want to talk about it to warn the principal concerned, who is more likely to be targeted by this type of attack because of his notoriety. Hoping that if what is told is true, Noah Schnapp will quickly come to recognize the honest people around him from those who are only there to harm him… It is certain that being the center of attention of some students does not allow them to fully concentrate on their initial project: to obtain a diploma.

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