With 110 beautiful quotations on the windows, the merchants from Brive are getting ready for the Book Fair

With 110 beautiful quotations on the windows, the merchants from Brive are getting ready for the Book Fair

“The library is the crossroads of all people’s dreams. »
This sentence by Julien Green and one hundred and nine others bloomed on the shop windows in the center of Brive, as a taste of the fortieth edition of the Book Fair that will take place this weekend, from November 4 to 6.
This initiative, halfway between trade and literature, is led by François David, Chief Commissioner of the Book Fair, Françoise Cayre, CCI President and Steve Clog-Dacharry, elected official in charge of trade.

A collective work

“We want to connect as many Brivistes as possible with their Book Fair, points out François David. Traders are invited to support the Fair, to become its actors, by displaying in their windows a sentence of the author that touched them. They agreed to be part of the joint work. »110 quotes were displayed in the windows of the city center.

The president of the CCI of Corrèze, Françoise Cayre, was very involved, together with the merchants from the city center, in the realization of this project.
“The book fair is an exceptional event. I thought that the business center of the city should receive a warm welcome, as it is done for CAB, she summarizes. I believe that this manifestation that attracts so many people to the city center deserves that we all meet together in the middle of several beautiful phrases on the windows of the city center. »

Transform the essay

Next year, the president wants to take the next step to transform the trial. “We can, I hope, set up a system of puzzles that we will solve along the way in various shops in the city center. That would be an additional way of promoting the Book Fair. »

How did they choose the quote displayed in their window?

Evelyne Bousquet, hairdresser
“Reading confirms that loneliness is a treasure” (Sylvain Tesson). We chose this sentence with my daughter, who is a great reader. It shows that even if we are alone, as we read, we are no longer alone. In this difficult time, it is good to take refuge in reading.

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Lionel Debus (Obsessive Culinary Disorder)
“Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness” (Theodore Zeldin). This sentence sounds like us, because it describes the kitchen as we see it. You can cook for yourself, family or friends. You can have fun as well as share.

Virginie Murat (Devernois)

“Make life a dream and a dream a reality” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). I think it’s a very beautiful quote that I often repeat to my children. The way they are gently told that they must work, move forward in life, in order to achieve a few dreams.

Sophie Lascoux (Nicolas Cutlery)

“Hell is not other people, it is the obligation to live with them” (Sylvain Tesson). I decided to choose an author present at the Fair. This quote really caught my attention. You have to come and spend a day in the store with me, to see how real it is (laughs).

Virginie Guillemain (grandma’s cakes)
“Love is a delicate flower that is picked gently” (George Sand). “All adults were children, but few remember it” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). I chose George Sand, because I’m from Berrichonne, like her, and Saint-Exupéry because we all have a childish soul.

Literary favorites of eight star authors at the Brive (Corrèze) book fair

Lucie Chamouton, designer illustrator
We already owed him decorating the windows of Brive for Christmas or the Tour de France. The calligrapher of one hundred and ten quotes, Lucie Chamouton, also paints frescoes and large walls. La Briviste is currently studying in Bordeaux as a decorative painter (specialist in decoration and trompe-l’oeil imitation).

Text: Dragan Perović; Photos: Stephanie Para

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