With his album “the Adorable Stars”, Redcar in baroque star – Liberation

With his album “the Adorable Stars”, Redcar in baroque star – Liberation


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Delivered with a hypnotic spectacle, this powerful third album maintains the transformation of the ex-Christine and the Queens into a prodigiously intense and explosive artist.

It is exploding. Like the big bang, the bursting, the spread of flesh, feelings and ideas, it never stops expanding. What we are witnessing on Wednesday evening, installed in a circle – it is appropriate – around the arena – still appropriate – of the Cirque d’hiver is only a succession of moments in this expansion of the domain of Héloïse Adélaïde Letissier .

Interior, exterior, intimate, artistic domain, we don’t know, we may never know, so much the artist, claimed trans and formidably rowdy on his social networks, yesterday Christine and the Queens or Chris, this evening and until a new order Redcar, leads us into a vibrant chaos, at each millisecond likely to turn right, left, up or down, where everything becomes entangled, from the most intimate upheaval, represented not without humor by a small room removable bathroom, located in the center of the circle that serves as a dressing room for her to change her outfit, to her artistic, spectacular mutation, unparalleled in current French pop, undeniably powerful.

“Because I have the right to do so”, he uttered with an admirable intuition of himself, at the start of the show, to prepare us for the impossible hybrid of these lovely stars, to the permanent instability which is its bizarre driving force, and to the uninterrupted onslaught of questions which make up the dissonant little music in the head which accompanies the spectator’s impressions. Out of longstanding admiration for the artist,

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