with which stars will the students sing for the semi-final? The guests of this Saturday, November 19

with which stars will the students sing for the semi-final? The guests of this Saturday, November 19

This Saturday, November 19, five academicians find themselves on the bench of nominees. They will have the opportunity to defend their place during duets with prestigious guests. But with whom do the students of the star academy will they sing?

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The star academy will soon come to an end. After the departures of Julien and Stanthe competition resumed. At the end of this week’s evaluations, Louis got a ticket to the grand finale, which will take place on November 26. His performance convinced the teachers who offered him his place for the last stage of the adventure. As a result, the five remaining academicians, Enola, Chris, Tiana, Anisha and Léa are in the hot seat. They will have the opportunity this evening to impress the viewers by singing with prestigious guests on stage. At the end of the evening, three students will be saved by the public, while two others will definitely leave the adventure at the gates of the final.

Clara Luciani, Patrick Bruel… Prestigious guests for an exceptional semi-final

After welcoming Tayc, Dadju, Amelie BentMatt Pokora, or even Zazie for an evening tribute to Grégory Lemarchalthe students are now preparing to share duets with Claudio Capeo, Patrick Bruel and Camellia Jordana. Marc Lavoine will also be on the set for this semi-final of the star academyas Vianney and Clara Luciani. The French singer will also share a duet with Louis and Léa. But the latter did not seem to be happier than that during the daily, unlike the first finalist. An attitude pointed out by Internet users, who did not fail to tackle the academician.

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Louis already reaches the final of the star academy

With less than two weeks to go to the grand finale, the competition is heating up. This week, during the evaluations, the remaining academicians had to perform a song of their choice and recount their experience in the castle of Dammarie-lès-Lys in an original way. At the end of all the performances, the teaching staff made the choice to send Louis directly to the final. Although he was sick, the candidate still obtained the best marks. According to his teachers, he is the student who has made the best progress since the beginning of the adventure. “He has an innate charisma, he is the one who has made the most progress. He has a good face, he stands out from the crowd. He is a star”, asserted Yannis Marshallthe dance teacher who created discomfort on stage at the NRJ Music Awards.

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