Women take up protest song, video goes viral in Iran

Women take up protest song, video goes viral in Iran

They did not expect such an echo. Registered at Marseillestheir support video for iranian women went viral in Iran. “It was very shared via Instagram and other social networks, there are several tens of thousands of views”, smiles Lise Massal, who created three years ago Tutte Quante Women’s Choir. She no longer counts the messages of thanks sent in return, including that of the author of the lyrics of the song Stand up for women, life, freedom!that they decided to take back.

Héloïse Pierre, one of the singers of the choir, discovered it via the journalist of the PointArmin Arefi, whom she follows on Twitter. Students from Sharif University in Tehran sing there, on the 53rd day of anti-regime protest, this song in Persian to a Chilean revolutionary tune. “I am very much what is happening in Iran, the fact that everyone sings, not just the students, touched me a lot in this video”, says the 30-year-old young woman. She talks about it to her choir director, and very quickly the project is born to take it back and record a message of support.

“We are thinking of you, we are with you”

“Things happened very quickly,” continues Lise Massal. Popular traditional song is raw in form, not elitist and quite simple in substance. This song has something very visceral that touches the heart. To appropriate the lyrics in Persian, she called on Iranian friends. “I created arrangements and vocals, then we rehearsed a few sessions and recorded the video. This is relayed by journalist Armin Arefi.

“Our message was to say, we are thinking of you, we are with you, explains Isabelle, who is also part of the choir. It’s very touching to see how big this has taken. The song thus joins the repertoire of this choir of about fifty women, which meets every Friday evening in Marseille. Alongside other songs “carried by women and which tell of women’s struggles”, explains Lise Massal. The choir performs regularly. Next January 14, he will be in concert at Coco Velten, the opportunity to hear this beautiful Stand up for women, life, freedom!.

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