Writer Denis Olivier presents his first book

Writer Denis Olivier presents his first book

Published by Éditions GML de Saint-Anselme, Denis Olivier’s first book entitled Le chemin des adons is now available. The presentation was held at the Saint-Léon-de-Standon library on October 16.

The author, who grew up in Lévis, in the Saint-Rédempteur district, does not hide his delight at the release of his work.

“I started writing during the pandemic to put a salve on this experience. Now I share this book composed of anecdotes. My desire is to convey to the reader a dose of hope and joy despite the pandemic”, immediately notes Mr. Olivier to the Journal.

The almost 200-page book contains 24 stories that depict anecdotes from childhood to the present day.

“Le chemin des adons borrows the style of the story, as if each story was told to someone close to you. Stories are happy moments experienced in life, through changes, as well as unexpected events that happen over time. It could be a meeting, a gift, a failure, an open door, a discovery, a pat on the back, an intuition, an appearance, a ‘mistake or omission,’ he explained.

From the approach that is important to him, the creative process was also full of lessons for Denis Olivier.

“This long process taught me a lot. Writing is a school that showed me modesty, patience, but also the joy of sharing, listening to others, and I discovered some ignorance that surrounds me. Writing gives shape and life! She looks for and finds meaning in the passage of time,” he said.

The author explained his writing and sharing intentions in a poetic tone.

“I wrote these stories to confront disappointment, to turn gray times into sunny days, to breathe new life into time, to resist the loss of beauty, naivety and freedom. I wrote down on paper the still living energy of my life path, despite everything that is happening and the seventy years that live in me. This momentum filled with enthusiasm led me to moments of great satisfaction and happiness,” he said at the end.

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