“Writing my story, I was able to separate myself from it”: Nicolas Petisoff surrenders to the boards of Tarn

“Writing my story, I was able to separate myself from it”: Nicolas Petisoff surrenders to the boards of Tarn

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Alone on stage, Nicolas Petisoff tells his story; that of abandonment, adoption and difficult self-building. He returns to the search for his own identity, in an existence punctuated by secrets and unsaid things.

But how do you become one when it’s built on secrets? What is your place in the world when you don’t know your own story? With “Parpaing”, the actor talks about himself, but also about others. It follows the journey of resilience that everyone goes through to truly become who you are.
We met Nicolas Petisoff during his tour of Tarn from November 12 to 17.

“Parpaing” is the story of your life. What was the genesis of this play?

I found out at the age of 10 that I was adopted, during a village conversation. The question of origin has followed me all my life, without ever having the right answers. And then one day in 2017, Alain, my biological mother’s husband, contacted me. New truths came to supplant the old and I was finally able to fill in all the holes in my story. This is where I started writing. It was so liberating to be able to put visceral truth into my story that it was something I wanted to offer to others.

For your first writing, you have chosen a dangerous exercise: tell the intimate to speak about a universal theme.

Intimacy is a great tool for talking about others. While writing this story I talked to people around me and it seemed to me that we all have a common background. Finally, writing my story, I managed to separate myself from it. It no longer belongs to me: it has become a working tool. I would even dream of someone else playing it.

Was it obvious to choose the theater as a space for dialogue?

I have always been immersed in the theater, as an actor or a director. And I’ve always had this desire to write about origins, about the way you present yourself to the world when you don’t know where you’re from. The day my biological family came into my life, I wrote the text overnight. It was as if the door had opened and that intimacy that I was tired of talking about finally got its full meaning of sharing. Theater is a live performance, so yes, it was obvious to choose him for the speech.

“Parpaing” is the first part of a triptych in which you talk about “your monsters”, as you say. Each part is a step in this search for yourself?

This trilogy is actually three questions that kept me awake for a long time. “Parpaing” addresses who I am, my origins. In the second part, I talk about how I love and how I learned to say it.
Finally, the last one will be a show about anger: how to deal with not being in this world?

Information: SNA-Tarn. 05 63 38 55 56. Sat 12.11. 20:30 Lavaur, Halle aux grains. Sun, November 13, 17:00 Čunac, Performance Hall. Tuesday, November 15, 20:30 Graulhet, Le Foulon. Wednesday, November 16, 20:30 Saint-Juéry, La Gare. Thu, November 17, 20:30 Labruguière, Le Rond-Point.

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