Xavier Niel candidate for the resumption of the TNT frequency of M6

Xavier Niel candidate for the resumption of the TNT frequency of M6

Within the framework of the renewal of the DTT frequencies of TF1 and M6, three files were filed with Arcom.

So they will be three. Three competitors, for only two frequencies of DTT. Xavier Niel, the boss of Free, shareholder of World and owner of Nice morninghas indeed submitted a file within the framework of the call for applications from Arcom for the renewal of the frequencies of TF1 and M6. He went to the end of his logic by positioning himself on the M6 ​​frequency. Or rather, he decided to play his role as troublemaker of the PAF to the end. To the delight of the creative industry.

About ten days ago, TF1 signed an agreement with the main professional organizations representing audiovisual producers and distributors as well as authors’ societies. The group is committed to perpetuating its investments in favor of the creation of heritage works (fiction, documentaries, etc.) to the tune of 12.5% ​​of its turnover over the next three years. In the process, M6 also signed this Monday with most audiovisual producer organizations. The group chaired by Nicolas de Tavernost agreed for its part to strengthen its investments in heritage works, which increased from 10.5% to 11.5% of its turnover. Enough to ensure the support of the sector. “M6 was obliged to renegotiate these agreements in any case to comply with the new decrees aimed at modernizing the PAF”indicates a source close to the file.

At this stage, therefore, the producers are winners. Including Xavier Niel, since he is a shareholder in Mediawan. But these producers would on the other hand have a lot to lose if the businessman won the frequency of M6. Part of the manna of the ecosystem of creation is linked to the collection of a fraction of the advertising turnover of the channels. In the case of M6, it amounts to around one billion euros. How many years for a new entrant to reach this amount? Even if Xavier Niel decided to dedicate a higher percentage of his advertising revenue than M6 to financing creation, that would still represent less money in the producers’ pockets. Why, under these conditions, release the prey for the shade? This makes, among other reasons, the scenario of a change improbable.

Hearings on February 15

The boss of Free knows this full well. “But he is not doing all this just to mess up the French audiovisual landscape. Niel and his teams saw an opportunity. It potentially targets the frequencies that will be brought into play in 2025. The work provided in the context of the application file for M6 allows it to prepare the ground»indicates a good connoisseur of the file. Last week in The worldthe statements of the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, evoking a possible withdrawal of the frequency of CNews or C8, suggest that the game could open. In 2014, Xavier Niel, alongside Pierre Bergé and Matthieu Pigasse, positioned himself to take over LCI in the event of failure of its passage to free. He was also a shareholder of Number 23. “By dint of coming back to the charge, Xavier Niel will end up getting what he wants”predicts a player in the sector. In the meantime, TF1, M6 and Xavier Niel will be auditioned on February 15 at Arcom.

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