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XXL neckline and all in black, she adopts the “matching look” with her son

XXL neckline and all in black, she adopts the “matching look” with her son

While among celebrity couples, the “matching look” has become a real fashion trend, worn in the city as well as on the red carpets, Liz Hurley offers a completely different version of this trend, in a fraternal way with his son. Indeed, while she was on her way to the Cirque du Soleil premiere in London, the beautiful 57-year-old brunette appeared more fatal than ever in an all black look with a plunging neckline, totally matching her son. Damien Hurleywho was also dressed all in black, shirt wide open on his chest.

Liz Hurley: in total black look matching her son, she caused a sensation in London

Very close to his son, Liz Hurley multiplies the appearances at his side, both on the red carpets and at parties and media events. For this London premiere, the mother-son duo did not break the rule and even pushed the fashion concept further by adopting the matching look trend. Indeed, both dressed in black, Elizabeth and her son Damien were more chic and sexy than ever, XXL neckline for one and wide open shirt for the other.

Liz Hurley: a sexy look in all circumstances

At 57, Elizabeth Hurley is never again an emblem of female empowerment and sexy allure. And for good reason: with the passing years, the actress has become more beautiful and continues to highlight her bombshell physique and her dream plastic. An example that is good to see at a time when fashion is fighting against ageism. This January 18, 2023, she therefore caused a sensation in a total black look alongside her son. Chic and fatal at the same time, she once again showed her assets with pride and elegance.

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