Yanis Marshall: discomfort at the NRJ Music Awards 2022

Yanis Marshall: discomfort at the NRJ Music Awards 2022

The passage of Yanis Marshall on TF1 for the NRJ Music Awards has aroused much criticism. The dancer responds on Instagram.

Yanis Marshall provides the show on TF1

On TF1, it’s the big comeback of NRJ Music Awards for this 2022 edition. The famous dancer and choreographer Yanis Marshall was also part of these festivities. He not only ensured the show but participated in the award ceremony.

This very one is presented by Camille Combal, live from Cannes. During this operation, the young dancer of 33 years announced in parallel the evaluations of the Star Academy. Indeed, he also officiates there as a dance teacher.

Yanis Marshall’s speech heavily criticized

The dancer’s speech, however, was not unanimous with the public. On social networks, a rain of criticism fell on him as soon as the show ended. Some point out jokes that they consider to be in bad taste. Others dramatize by commenting “Yanis Marshall has just wallowed in ridiculing himself in front of the whole of France”.

One person even qualified TF1 from Malaise TV. In any case, the discourse itself is necessarily criticized. But faced with these negative comments, the choreographer decided to respond.

Messages of support to the artist

On his Instagram page, Yanis Marshall decided to respond indirectly to his detractors. He posted a video of his shoot as he climbed the stairs. The dancer then captioned, “Hey just too funky for me! “. A post that has received a lot of positive reviews. A fan even said that he will necessarily be the winner of this year.

In a comment, we can read another person adoring the performance of the professor of star academy. He described it as a sensitive but crazy side. “A grain of madness that illuminates life and is essential,” continues the user. It would seem that opinions differ on this appearance of the dance teacher.

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