Yanis Marshall makes the show on the red carpet, Jenifer ultra glamorous (PHOTOS)

Yanis Marshall makes the show on the red carpet, Jenifer ultra glamorous (PHOTOS)

The NRJ Music Awards 2022 is music, but also looks. And as usual, the evening begins on the red carpet, with the outfits chosen by the artists invited by TF1.

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This Friday, November 18, 2022, TF1 promised us an evening full of music and emotions with the broadcast of the NRJ Music Awards 2022. But before the smiles of the victors – perhaps among Editor’s Favorites! – the evening began on the steps of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses in Cannes. And as tradition dictates, the guests unveiled their finery, but also those who accompanied them for the evening. In 2022 for example, Louane had come as a couple, while Amel Bent and Vitaa were very accomplicesand the previous year, Matt Pokora unveiled a very luxurious vest who had talked about him. So what did the 2022 red carpet have in store for us? Whether Nikos Aliagas, injured and absent, had left his favorite tuxedo in the wardrobe, other looks caught our attention…

Bilal Hassani surprises on the red carpet of the NRJ Music Awards 2022

One of the first to have impressed the public with these NRJ Music Awards 2022 is Bilal Hassani. Although not nominated in any category, the one who recently confessed to having been the victim of a rape caused a stir when he arrived dressed in a Hollywood-worthy outfit, a futuristic silver dress that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie! And, rare fact, the singer had abandoned his wig and wore his head bare. A look that will mark the spirits. In another style, Amir had also played the card of originality. After entertaining the audience in 2020 with a look similar to pajamasthe young dad opted for a three-piece suit combining colors: almond green pants, lavender jacket and yellow shirt. Warning the eyes ! The other surprise on the male look side came from Soprano: the singer unveiled his new haircut … pink whose Internet users did not fail to laugh.

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Yanis Marshall makes the show, Jenifer very glamorous

Another boy to have marked this red carpet: Yannis Marshall. before pronouncing a speech that was not unanimousthe Star Ac teacher put on a show in front of the photographers, going as far as… lying down on the steps. As for female artists, we had taken out the chic card: Jenifer, who had come to receive an honorary prize to celebrate her 20-year career, had chosen a glamorous feathered jacket, Izïa a tight-fitting outfit and Clara Luciani one of his elegant suits, enhanced with silver accents. Something to shine next to these boys so present!

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