Ycare and Amel Bent bring sunshine to our lives with the single “A mi manera”

Ycare and Amel Bent bring sunshine to our lives with the single “A mi manera”

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Music is always better two. And has, Ycare understood it well. After the success met by “Other Than Us” with Axelle Redthe former candidate of “Nouvelle Star” made his return to stores last October with his new album “Millions of Years”. Its particularity? 11 of the 12 tracks are duets that the musician shares with diverse and varied artists such as Patrick FlowersCphaz, Joyce JonathanEmilie Satt of the duo Madame Monsieur or Tiken Jah Fakoly and Ibrahim Maalouf. It is also thanks Axelle Red that he opened up the idea of ​​duets, as he explains Paris Match Belgium : Basically, I wanted to collaborate only with her on this album, but our imperatives decided otherwise. Before knowing her, I was a very lonely person and I made rather sad songs. Axelle managed to open something else. Then the Covid-19 arrived, and when this loneliness is imposed on you, you experience it differently. It was from that moment that I literally began to dream of duets .

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“An almost heavenly, divine intervention”

The list of singers featured on this project has grown over the songs. I write my songs, then I listen to them to discover their meaning and then I know who I want to sing with. I was really incredibly lucky because all the artists I thought of accepted to work with me he notes. In order to introduce his project to as many people as possible, Ycare is now offering a new single to the radios. After the success met by “Fragile Animals” with Zazthe artist bets on “A mi manera”, a solar title shared with Amelie Bent.

As its title suggests, “A mi manera” is a sunny song on which the voices of Ycare and Amelie Bent intersect to better marry, both in French and in Spanish. It is also the only song on the disc that was not initially thought of as a duet, as explained by Ycare : There is an almost celestial, divine intervention in a foreign language, Spanish, and it is Amel who embodies this angel. Life is a foreign language to me, but I would have lived it my way . By their side, Amelie Bent says to himself happy to share [cette chanson] with (his) friend and in a foreign language . At any rate, Ycare has not said his last word: indeed, he is already thinking of adding several duets to his album “Des millions d’annes”, in the company of Jennifer, Patrick Bruel or Claudio Capo.

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