“You can’t put me in the same category as him”

“You can’t put me in the same category as him”

Dee Sniderthe front man of twisted sistercommented on his recent statements that Robert Plant is “not a frontman”, distinguishing between a singer and a showman.

Asked on Sally Steele’s podcast about the “spontaneous” nature of her comments, Snider replied: “What I usually say is quite thoughtful. I’m not used to letting things slip, I deal with it and I’m pretty deliberate.”

He added : “People sometimes get really upset when I or many other celebrities express our feelings, like we don’t have the right to have an opinion.”

Later in the interview, he elaborated on his comments about the former singer in more detail. Led Zeppelinsaying : “How to tell the difference between a Dee Snider or a Alice Cooper or a Robert Plant or a Bon Scott… or a Chris Cornell, who stayed there [immobile]but who sang perfectly every night. Actually I was just trying to explain the differences [entre ces personnes] on Twitter. And people were on fire: ‘How can you say that Robert Plant is not a great frontman?’. And I love Robert. But you can’t put me in the same category as him. I was just trying to explain our differences on stage. And people got angry.”

Dee Snider has released his latest solo album, leave a scarJuly 30, 2021.

Moreover, last year he revealed that he probably won’t be doing any more gigs. However, he and his former band, Twisted Sister, will soon be giving a unique concert as part of their induction into the Metal Hall Of Fame (January 26).

Dee Snider interview with Sally Steele:

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