“You have no excuse”: Michael Goldman strongly takes Léa and quotes her father, Jean-Jacques Goldman

“You have no excuse”: Michael Goldman strongly takes Léa and quotes her father, Jean-Jacques Goldman

This Thursday, November 17, 2022, TF1 broadcast a new issue of the Star Academy. In the latter, Michael Goldman revealed the results of the evaluations and at the end of his debrief, he called Léa into his office for a little clarification…

She is undoubtedly one of the candidates who is most talked about in this new season, Léa. Hated then adored, re-hated and once again adored, she is making a lot of noise on social networks for her very own character. Within the castle, the same story. This Tuesday, November 15, 2022, she had caused the teachers to laugh wildly during her evaluations for her own improv : “I don’t even know what I saw. She was killing me with laughter but I laughed because it sucked. It really sucked” particularly deplored Yanis Marshall. An opinion shared by the director of the star academy, Michael Goldman : “I didn’t expect her to do Molière for us. It’s very little work. There is no text. It’s not written. For the song, I must admit that I I was disappointed. I was told: It’s Léa who’s taking over Christina Aguilerait’s his field so much that I think it’s going to be incredible. And the problems of accuracy that bothered me”.

And the work, it would seem that this is the black point of the young woman. And for good reason, the one who called herself “hard worker” during his portrait could sometimes show laziness. Several times, and in particular on Wednesday November 16, 2022, Léa refused to attend coach Joe’s sports class. An unacceptable situation for Internet users who regretted the fact that she does not give of her person.

“My dad always explained to me…”

In the issue of Thursday, November 17, 2022, Michael Goldman came to visit the students to tell them the results of the assessments. He therefore let Louis know that he won the place in the final, and congratulated Tiana and Enola for their performance. Unfortunately, not everyone got the director’s praise. This is particularly the case for Léa who was summoned to her office, “Léa you will come to see me in my office, I have two or three things to tell you”he threw at her.

A few moments later, she went to Michael Goldman’s office and the latter was not kind to the academician. He wanted to make things clear about her attitude and her absences from the various classes, in particular the sports class, which she had skipped the same morning: “For us it’s important that you follow all the courses. It’s a gift, you may realize it later. We’re not putting your health at risk and we never will. You don’t have to no excuses. If you don’t make the effort that others make, I assure you that people will not forgive you. We are fulfilled in the effort” he explains.

In an attempt to get the message across, Michael Goldman took a very personal example, that of his father, Jean-Jacques Goldmanthat he had never before discussed on the show: “My dad always explained to me that what’s interesting in the sport itself is the shower afterwards. The course is horrible, it’s hard, but when you’ve finished it you say to yourself ‘fu*n , I did it'”. A great lesson in motivation.

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