“You have to be ready to make very big sacrifices if you want to succeed”

“You have to be ready to make very big sacrifices if you want to succeed”

John Petrucciguitarist of Dream Theaterspoke about how young groups of Metal should, according to him, address the development of their careers, and shared his point of view on the current state of the music industry as well as some advice.

A recent guest on The Heavy Hooks Show, Petrucci emphasized that passionate young people need to be aware of economic realities before seriously embarking on a music career.

He stated : “It’s really, really a challenge right now. For young bands, it’s so expensive to go on tour and do that on all levels. My advice is this: you have to be prepared to work hard and make big sacrifices if you want to get there.”

He added : “I remember back then on our first tour we had a van and we were driving ourselves, we barely slept and we weren’t making any money [pour nos performances]. And then, finally, we managed to get things moving. I think bands need to face this harsh reality. And those who will and who are ready to continue – moreover, with a good attitude – [sont ceux qui réussiront probablement]. Most of the young people don’t have a technician, they are their own technician, they tidy up their things. They may have a teammate [pour tout le groupe]if they are lucky.”

On the other hand, the group of Progressive Metal is currently in full european tour.

Dream Theater’s latest album, A view from the top of the worldwas released on October 22, 2021. The collective does not plan to record a new album before the end of 2023.

Last year, after being nominated three times, Dream Theater won its first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for The Alien, a 9.5-minute epic from A View From The Top Of The World.

John Petrucci on The Heavy Hooks Show:

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