“You were my everything…”

“You were my everything…”

Their relationship will never be the same again, but these two still love each other so much. Separated since 2014, Cathy and David Guetta still form a very beautiful family despite their breakup. So that as soon as one celebrates his birthday, the other necessarily has a sweet thought for the past, but also for this future, a bit different, that they live and build together. When the opportunity arises, they party side by side, and obviously blow out the candles together… but not this year.

You are my family and you will always be in my heart

On November 7, 2022, David Guetta celebrated his 54th birthday on the other side of the world. He first celebrated the event on his side, then he found, on social networks, that he had been treated to nice messages. Cathy Guetta, for example, shared some photographs of memories spent in each other’s arms, with the added bonus of their son Tim Elvis, 18, and their daughter Angie, 15. “Happy birthday my Davidwrites the businesswoman, who recently got into cosmetics and launched her app to book a DJ. You were my everything. You are the father of my two amazing children. You are my family and you will forever be in my heart. Big hugs from Los Angeles.

Of course, Cathy Guetta is not the only one to have had a thought for David Guetta. On November 7, 2022, his face simply appeared a…

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