You’ll understand when you’re older Véronique Cayado (book)

You’ll understand when you’re older Véronique Cayado (book)

Let’s remember, we call all these prejudices related to our beliefs about aging “ageism”… And there are some! This affects not only our daily relationships with the elderly, but also our health after a certain age. The problems are therefore both of an ethical and public health nature.

Generally speaking, l’âgisme it occurs when age is used to categorize and divide people in ways that lead to prejudice, disadvantage and injustice. A kind of racism by age to simplify.

In practice and on a daily basis, it can take many forms that result in prejudiced attitudes, discriminatory actions, and institutional policies and practices that perpetuate stereotypical beliefs.

Hence this new book by Véronique Cayado, doctor of psychology and member of the French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology. A research engineer at the Oui Care Institute, she is also an expert in aging well. In short, this lady knows what she’s all about…

Why are we here? How to reverse the trend? Based on the work of psychologists and professional experience with the French leader in home services, the author uses concrete examples to decipher age-related stereotypes and suggests ways to overcome them.

Because in the end, everyone will one day, family or professional, face the problems of support in old age.

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