Zazie forced to move: the fed up of her neighbors

Zazie forced to move: the fed up of her neighbors

Who has never cringed when learning that the new neighbor upstairs was a fine music lover, equipped with a piano moreover? So when Zazie happens to be the person sharing your landing, the uproar is almost guaranteed! In any case, this is what our colleagues from Release who drew a long portrait of the 58 year old singer in their edition of Friday, December 2. “She sold the old mustard factory, disproportionate, in which she lived in Belleville, to move into an apartment with a terrace. Few fans of decibelsthe neighbors convinced her to put an end to itThis poorly soundproofed proximity“, can we read.

Results ? “In eight months”, the interpreter ofPeace Streeta “Fhave his cards twice”. Luckily for her, Zazie benefits froma comfortable financial situation espousing his desire for artistic freedom and moving. In an interview with20 minuteslast October, she had indicated that she had “the chance to earn well [s]for life” thanks to his profession, specifying to do “one of the few artists who love to know how many records they sell” even if this one doesn’t “don’t care to know that[elle] sold less” than previously.

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Zazie, forced into silence during confinement?

Like many artists, Zazie has seen her career slow down due to the back and forth of the confinements that marked the Covid-19 pandemic. “Did you continue to play music during confinement?”, thus asked him Philippe Vandel on the waves of Europe 1, Friday, December 2. And the interested party to answer bluntly: “At first, not much. It dried me upa little…” But the former coach ofThe voicedidn’t give up and decided to work on his new album, “Aile-P”. An opus where she tells precisely through the titlelet it shinehow she annoyed her neighbors. “Isn’t it over soon? All this din, this din. Some people sleep at night. Not me, no way to stop“, she says at the beginning of the song, imitating her neighborhood. “Everything is true in what I say. I moved a year ago and I moved again less than a month ago. I can not stand it anymore”, had thus revealed Zazie on the airwaves of RFM last September.

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