Zazie recounts this moment when she was let go by her entourage at the worst time…

Zazie recounts this moment when she was let go by her entourage at the worst time…

The singer released an EP entitled “Aile-P”, consisting of 8 songs. In the midst of promotion, Zazie was invited to the show “On refait la télé” on RTL. This was an opportunity for her to return to her passages on the small screen and to reveal, also, some anecdotes of tour…

The years pass and Zazie remains as friendly and popular as ever. She really has the image of the good friend with whom we enjoy having a drink. She is also the friend of many stars like Pascal BishopJenifer or Christophe Willem. Despite her paternal origins (her father is from the French nobility, her real name is Isabelle De Truchis de Varenne), she is not a snob and remains very accessible. She is thus not afraid to recount moments when she was embarrassed… Full of humor and self-mockery, the star has a certain talent for describing this type of situation. And that’s what she did on Saturday December 10, 2022 at the microphone of RTL, to the delight of listeners.

Zazie shamefully let go by her family: funny anecdote in concert

Eric Dussart, the presenter, questions her to find out if she has already experienced bugs, heat strokes on TV or elsewhere. Zazie confirms that this has already happened to her and launches into a story with the humor that we know from her. She was in full performance in a very large room crowded when, Suddenly, she had no sound at all. His microphone didn’t work either. Complete silence:We find ourselves going ‘aaah’, we are like a mouse voice. There are still 6000, 7000 people.“That evening, she was at the Zénith de Lille.

And the interpreter of the hits Peace Street, One point is you or I send waltz to specify that her musicians present with her on stage have cowardly abandoned her to her fate: “They are all gone.“The host questions her, “ah, they left the stage? No solidarity?“She confirms and adds that she was in a”absolute lonelinessAt any rate, the story makes the 58-year-old singer smile…now.

Zazie looks back on her duet with Louis, Star Academy candidate

The host branches out on the subject, because he attended the rehearsals of the duo and he describes a particularly difficult exercise for the two. “You barely had two minutes to get to know each other before you started singing together.” Zazie, who now lives between Paris – a city where she has moved several times because of her neighbors, and Brittany where she bought a house – attests that the thing is complicated for the apprentice singer, but also for the ‘artist. “We are just as impressed as them (the candidates), or even more, because we don’t know the mechanics of this show. It’s live. There are at the same time the dancers, the decorations, it’s a huge machine“, says Zazie.

And yet following the remarks she had made in C to you in 2015, we did not imagine him participating in a premium of the Ac star. Zazie had judged the program “humiliating” and who was more, according to her, of the “reality show than a singing competition“. In 20 minutesshe explained why she agreed to participate in the last season “from the moment when I am not asked to go to the castle of star academy and to participate in the fact that they are filmed H24, that suits me.“In any case, to sing or talk about it, it’s always a pleasure to hand him a microphone.

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