Zazie: this incredible proposal from Johnny Hallyday that she refused (ZAPTV)

Zazie: this incredible proposal from Johnny Hallyday that she refused (ZAPTV)

Guest of the show As an aside Thursday December 15, Zazie returned to her collaboration with Johnny Hallyday, for whom she notably wrote the song Light the fire. She also revealed the incredible proposal that the singer had made to her… and which she refused.

It’s a hit. Perhaps the biggest hit of Johnny Hallyday’s career: Light the fire. And Zazie wrote it. “Pascal Obispo calls me, I was in Paris bored one evening in August”, she remembered, guest of the show As an aside this Thursday, December 15. “If you’re bored, that’s good. Could you write me a text for tomorrow that would be good. It’s for Johnny and it’s the opening of the Stade de France”Pascal Obispo told him. Zazie gets to work with a “great excitement” but also a “big pressure”. She writes a text like “gladiator entering an arena”. And that pleased Johnny Hallyday. I ran into Johnny a few days later, on a show or something. He said to me: ‘It’s good Light the fire’ and There you go”she said. This pleased Johnny Hallyday so much that he made an incredible proposal to the singer.

Zazie: “I told him: ‘Johnny, don’t be ridiculous'”

“He had offered to sing for the Stade de France”revealed Zazie… who refused. “I told him : ‘Johnny, don’t be ridiculous. Or else, you have to be in another room three kilometers behind in terms of vocal power.’ Stubborn, he came back: ‘If you want, you do Nathalie Bayethe voice before Something from Tennessee.'” But, she preferred to watch the concert from the hall rather than the stage.”When I work with people to write them a text, I don’t see myself on stage with themshe slipped, assuring that she had no “no way” regretted. “At the Stade de France, I came alone […] And I looked at people and said, ‘I did the text.’ I wasn’t sure it happened so quickly. I was very proud, like a child.” A beautiful memory.

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