Zette, the voiceover of 12 noon shots, details on Jean-Luc Reichmann’s sidekick

Zette, the voiceover of 12 noon shots, details on Jean-Luc Reichmann’s sidekick

Zette, the voiceover of 12 noon shots is still a mystery for some fans of the game show. Discover the details on this beloved personality of 12 noon shots, who has hosted the show for years. Whether it’s her name or her face, few people really know her, so who is Zette?

Zette, the voice-over of 12 noon shots

If Jean-Luc Reichmann is the cult figure of 12 noon shots, Zette is the very voice of the show. Isabelle Benhadj is unknown to any participant or viewer. But no one knew his true identity. Yet his cheerful voice is one of the main distractions during the game show.

Since 2011, she has been Jean-Luc Reichmann’s sidekick and never leaves him. She animates, dictates the good mood on set and gives additional explanations to questions. Fans couldn’t stand the suspense so much that they demanded that the identity of their beloved Zette be revealed.

His identity revealed

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of 12 noon shots, TF1 has decided to make a documentary on the show’s sponsor. Nothing more natural than to include your partner in it. For the first time, Zette reveals her face and her identity. Isabelle Benhadj has been present since 2011 but she is also the voiceover in other shows.

Among others, it can be found in “Seen from the sky”, “The Right Price”, “Witness number 1” or “Defense to enter”. In “Secrets d’Histoire”, she is also a key character alongside Stéphane Bern. Although the two animators are very close, Zette is closer to Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Friends and Colleagues

Jean-Luc Reichmann knew Zette long before the 12 strokes of noon. It dates back to 1987 when the two of them were doing radio together. 32 years of friendship, the two main characters of 12 noon shots are very close.

A true friendship on the set and in real life, Isabelle Benhadj knows everything about her friend. A relationship that seems to benefit both of them equally, given their respective success. Jean-Luc Reichmann has never hidden his affection for his partner, and their mutual respect is felt through the 12 noon shots.

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